Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mini Cooper Police Cars

Police Forces across the country moved to using the Mini Cooper in 1965 - which coincided with BMC's total dominance of the Rallying scene of the time, and stopped in 1970. With a newly evolved 1275cc engine, un-parallelled handling and reasonable storage space, it was to prove a useful tool in the fight against crime with Britains new motorway networks allowing thieves a quicker escape route than before. Forces also adopted other top-end models, such as the Sunbeam Tiger, MGB-GT, Lotus Cortina and Jaguars, and although smaller than its counterparts, nobody could argue with the design which combined such incredible manoueverability with fantastic performance. The Mk II Cooper S dates from 1968-1970. It demonstrates the individuality that each batch was given by its respective area. Some of the Mk I heritage still remains; the rectangular wing mirrors, grease nipple shrouds deleted in October '67. 3.5" all steel ventilated Cooper S wheels, now extremely rare indeed, stayed true to the production car specification.

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